Lockdown Productions

The UK 2020 coronavirus lockdown caused absolute devastation to every single person throughout the country and continues to do so. Many industries have been adversely affected by the crisis and many will continue to be so- including the performing arts sector. 2020-06-23

During lockdown, Double Trouble Theatre Co. started a weekly online reading of many plays, ranging from classic plays such as Medea and Shakespeare’s Macbeth to more modem classics such as Oscar Wild’s The Importance of Being Ernest and even more recently, Sam Sumner’s epic monologues The Broken Compass and the Matt Fox’s brilliant plays To Sleep and The Lady Killers.

The Lady Killers

The Lady Killers, the first of our lockdown productions to be released, was also awarded an OnComm Commendation from the Offies as an indication of its excellence.

The Lady Killers is a collection of monologues that deals with women who have killed and explores what makes a killer. Can killing be understood? Can killing even be forgiven? And how do we respond to someone who kills for fun?

My Post

The Broken Compass Monologues, written by Sam Sumner, was our second full production release and was also nominated for another Offie and was incredibly well received.

The Broken Compass Monologues explore what it means to be a human being navigating this complicated world without all the answers. Each monologue is very different, but they are connected by their sensitive and compassionate examination of the human psyche.



Double Trouble Theatre Co’s Award Winning, The Lady Killers
Double Trouble Theatre’s nominated production, The Broken Compass Monologues.