Theatre In Education

Why should you book a Theatre in Education (TIE) show?

Like many other TIE theatre companies across the United Kingdom and Europe, we at Double Trouble Theatre Co, believe that theatre is not just for cultural and artistic use but also for further knowledge and education.

What we hear, see and do at primary and secondary school can stay with us for life and while learning in the classroom is a tried and tested method, we have found that there are some more difficult subjects that need live performance to create a lasting legacy.

Our shows have proven that they have a lasting effect on the students.  Before a performance of our stranger danger production ‘Little Red’, we gave the students from years 3 to 6 the survey below, we gave them the same survey again after and the results show a definite learning curve.

The artistic directors at DT Theatre have a combined 13 year experience in performing and writing for primary and secondary school students in everything from anti-bullying and subjects on drugs and alcohol abuse to Pantomime and Shakespeare. Reactions from productions have always received a positive feedback from teachers.

Live performance can have a long-lasting, stimulating exciting and meaningful experience, but it can also be very expensive, which is why we have created this company to bring live, high quality theatre for low prices, right to your door,  making the experience affordable and  stimulating. Our aim is to help support you by reinforcing the information from the classroom.

Teachers can, if they wish, continue the subject back in the classroom to further reinforce the message by running selected scenes from a show which we will provide upon request. Further discussion and artwork has been inspired from performance including the drawings above.

We strive to educate and entertain our audiences and to provide assistance to our educators today.

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Adam Baylis

Executive Director Double Trouble Theatre Co.